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Tiffany Gash Azzinaro

"Dylan was born on March 28, 2006, the happiest day of our lives. I had a difficult delivery, and ultimately my doctor used the vacuum to deliver Dylan. I, of course, did not see the procedure, but my husband, Philip, and mother, Wanda, witnessed the procedure, and they both said that it was pretty traumatic. After bringing Dylan home, he began to cry-not just a fussy cry, but a hurting scream. Philip and I tried everything from middle of the night car rides, to sleeping in the bouncy seat, to feeding him almost every hour. We even took him to the emergency room one night, and the doctor told us he had colic and to deal with it. I called his pediatrician almost everyday, and the nurse told me he just had gas and to give him gas drops. So, then I realized that I wasn't producing very much milk, so instead of breastfeeding I began to bottle feed. That worked for a day or two, and then the screaming returned. We then thought he had colic or acid reflux. We switched the brand of bottles we were using to the Dr. Brown's bottles, began using Mylicon drops before every feeding, sat him straight up while feeding, and switched his formula to Nutramigen for colicky babies. That worked for a day or two and then Dylan started screaming again. Finally, my sister, Tabitha Lilly, a patient of Dr. Arthur's, told Dr. Arthur about what Dylan was going through and he suggested that we bring Dylan to see him.

The day before Dylan turned five (5) weeks old, he had a major screaming episode , and knowing that not only was Dylan in pain, but I was about at the end of my rope, my mother called Dr. Arthur's office to make an appointment. They did not have one that day, but my mother explained the situation to Liz, and Liz talked to Dr. Arthur. Dr. Arthur made time to see Dylan that day, and he took about an hour with us. He scanned Dylan's spine, and yes, he had several subluxations in his neck and back. That was what was wrong the entire time. Dylan was in pain. Dylan's birth caused the subluxations in his neck and spine. On that day, Dr. Arthur, during Dylan's screaming, took such time and patience with Dylan and adjusted him. The screaming immediately turned to a cry. I could tell the relief that Dylan felt just in a day. He began sleeping better, eating better, burping better, just all around a better baby.

Dylan has now been seeing Dr. Arthur three (3) times weekly since he was five (5) weeks old, and he is a completely different child. He smiles, he coos, he laughs, and he is as happy as he can be. Since the first visit with Dr. Arthur, Dylan has increasingly become more fond of Dr. Arthur. He now smiles during his adjustment and is so happy to see Dr. Arthur-the man who made him feel better. (I know he is only 8 weeks old, but I swear Dylan knows Dr. Arthur's voice and is happy to see him.) As a new mother, I didn't realize what a joy a newborn could be until Dr. Arthur worked his magic on Dylan. Dr. Arthur has taken such time and has been so focused on making our son a happy healthy child-I can't explain to you how much that means to my whole family. Philip and I were skeptical at first about the treatment of such a young patient like Dylan. We feel like members of a family at Pangemanan Chiropractic. I will recommend Pangemanan Chiropractic to anyone and everyone."

Wynne Allen

"My name is Wynne Allen. I learned about Pangemanan Chiropractic of Lawrenceburg from my dad who is also a patient there. I have a few friends who come to the office for regular care as well. Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic my overall condition was awful and deteriorating along with my life and spirit. My specific health problem was disabling headaches for about the last fifteen years. The last five years were with daily headaches which often accelerated to a migraine. I was only able to control the pain with use of Imitrex or Zomig and applying ice to my temple. This of course only helped the symptoms, but NOT the cause. You could say they literally "straightened me out" :). I am migraine free now. This is a huge relief in itself, but it has also freed me to live a more abundant life in so many ways!

Kim McCoy

After 3 1/2 weeks our precious baby girl went from a blissful sleeping child to a miserable screaming child. It first started with gastrointestinal pain where Kaitlyn would draw up and cry out with terrible gas which escalated to the point where she was actually screaming 20 out of 24 hours in the day and sleeping no more than 15 minutes at a time due to her discomfort. 

When we took her to the pediatrician they were kind, supportive, and helpful; but could not pinpoint the exact cause and attributed most of this to colic/ reflux / possibly a cows milk protein allergy. We immediately switched Kaitlyn's formula to Nutramigen and put her on prevacid. Things improved significantly from her most severe symptoms but she was still having trouble eating and sleeping consistently and was not gaining weight the way she should. Kaitlyn just wasn't a happy baby and she still had so much gastrointestinal pain that we were left feeling helpless until Marcie Jeffreys suggested an alternative approach to addressing Kaitlyn's problems. Desperate to find an answer to her problem we contacted Pangemanan Chiropractic and made an appointment. 

After Dr. Arthur scanned Kaitlyn I wondered how she was even sleeping at all. Apparently the time she spent breach in the womb caused the severe misalignment of her spine affecting both sleep and her intestines through the nervous system. Kaitlyn's neck and back were extremely tender to touch and she favored one side over the other due to her prenatal positioning. After one adjustment she fell asleep despite being scheduled for a feeding and had one of the most restful naps she had ever had. 

Due to the severity of her misalignment it took several more visits to see more permanent results, but I can honestly say that Kaitlyn is sleeping better, eating more consistently as far as amount and time, and she is overall a much happier baby. I love that I can see my child laugh and smile instead of scream and cry. Dr. Arthur's diligent care and support helped us achieve this goal and for that I am eternally grateful." 

Larry Basham

“I first met Dr. Arthur in our schools as he was screening staff members. He was also treating my mother in law who was taking some high powered medication for migraines. After a few visits with Dr. Arthur, my mother in law was off her medication and free from her migraines. After a few conversations with Dr. Arthur I knew he had a genuine concern for people’s health and well-being. 

I have had back and neck pain and problem off and on for several years. After an x-rays in Dr. Arthur’s office, it was discovered that I have a curvature of my spine and a case of scoliosis. I also have a bad habit of popping the bones in my neck. After several visits for chiropractic adjustments, I have pretty much broke my habit of popping my neck because my spine is straighter and I don’t have the urge anymore. I also have a problem of anytime I overexert myself my back will hurt and sometimes my left leg becomes about an inch longer due to rotation and misalignment of my hips. Dr. Arthur has helped tremendously in this area as well. 

I am convinced that regular treatments and maintenance are important for my overall health. I feel so much better after my visits. Pangemanan Chiropractic has a genuine concern for their patients. Dr. Arthur, Dr. Rebecca, and staff treat you as part of their family. They make a valuable contribution to our community.”

Judy Shepherd

"Is it possible to feel 30 years younger ? When Dr. Pangemanan said that it was a possibility for me, a nearly 60 year old teacher, to do that, I got a real chukle and a "want to bet" out of my husband and children. Well, I may not feel 30 years younger yet, but I am on my way! I have been going for chiropractic care for three weeks already I feel better! I can turn my head without creaking and popping! I can walk straighter and taller. My back aches less, and if I don't forget to ice myself down, my shoulders and back are stronger and easier to bend and move. So it follows that I am not as crabby! As a matter of fact, I am downright gleeful! Thanks, Dr. Arthur! You rock!" Sincerely, Judy Shepherd

Kay S.

"I had pains in my left shoulder and my neck. This had been going on for 3- 4 years, getting worse over time. It was painful when I would be driving and had to turn my head to look to the left. I used heat, pain pads, and gels for pain. Sometimes I would stretch or do exercises. The pain would wake me up at night and a lot of times I had to take a pain pill to stop the pain so I could go to sleep. I use a c-pap machine for my sleep apnea so sleeping became even more difficult.

I had been to 2 different therapy offices in the last 3 years. One did muscle stimulation and showed me different exercises to do. Most recently I did the muscle stimulation, exercises, and traction. Also during this time I took muscle relaxants. One of my doctors even said it was probably arthritis and to do specific exercises, see a chiropractor or even do acupuncture. There were x-rays done, but no one ever showed me how crocked my spine was. When I first saw an x-ray of my spine I was shocked and wanted to cry, because I didn’t I think I was in this bad of shape. When I saw my spine in black & white, it was an eye opener. I couldn’t deny I had a serious problem. 

Within one month of seeing Drs. Arthur and Rebecca, my pain diminished greatly. My second scan showed my spine had improved. Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca are always patient when answering my questions and explaining my treatments and the progress I have made. Everyone is friendly, professional, but there is a very comfortable feeling in their office. I feel so much better now, knowing I am on the road to being healthy, and learning how to take better care of myself. I recommend them to everyone I can at every opportunity that presents itself."

Jim Taylor

"My name is Jim Taylor. I was seeing another doctor and had several treatments to no avail. I was referred to Dr. Pangemanan by my landlord. After the first treatment which was a completely different approach than the upper cervical method, I felt like I was 4 years younger. I would advise anyone to see Dr. Pangemanan if you want to feel younger and maybe live a little longer."

Norma Shirk

"After finding out my baby was still breech after the 32nd week of my pregnancy, my midwife turned it for me with external version. Unfortunately the baby didn't stay, so she advised me to see a chiropractor who could perform the Webster Technique which is an adjustment specifically designed to balance the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the pelvis and uterus, and has been known to turn breech or malpositioned babies, specifically posterior and breech babies.

I went to my local chiropractor here in Liberty, Casey County who referred me to Dr. Pangemanan in Lawrenceburg, Anderson county, about 1.5 hour north from where we live, because he's the only one in the area that is trained to help pregnancy and pediatric cases. After having a "complete" chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Pangemanan, I later went to have an ultrasound taken and my baby has turned into the proper position! How blessed to have a natural delivery instead of a possible caesarean. Thank you Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca."

Andy Ross

"My wife, Patty, our two sons, and I moved to Lawrenceburg from Louisville in 2003. In 2006 Patty's friend at work recommended Pangemanan Chiropractic. I had not visited my last chiropractor's office because it was so far away. I had problems with my lower spine, ribs, and upper spine mostly from previous injuries. 

Because of the lack of maintenance adjustments for three years, I had regularly suffered pain. I also experienced headaches often, for which I frequently used over the counter medicine. I wanted to do much, but pain made it more difficult. 

'Dr. Arthur' used the most modern and accurate equipment and methods to examine my condition. A thorough examination revealed my misaligned condition and a previously unknown healed fracture in a lumbar vertebra. I felt like some kind of medical marvel! He discussed my condition and planned treatment with me in a respectful and understandable way. The Pangemanan treatment method is gentle and safe. 

My pain subsided greatly in a couple of weeks. I have much fewer headaches than before. My range of motion is improved. I now am able to live an active life free from regular pain. Pangemanan Chiropractic doctors also specialize in care for children and healing for the feet. I can feel confident that when any member of my family has a need for chiropractic care, they are safe. 

The Pangemanan office also encourages long-term health maintenance through patient participation. When I am in the office and see a new patient enter in their pain, I feel happy for them because I know they will soon get some needed relief."

Marty Hammons

"Approximately 2 ½ weeks ago, I had taken advantage of a beautiful weekend and was working outside of my house doing the necessary yard work and projects I had planned to do. I can’t pinpoint what I may have done or what exactly caused my pain but the following day, my back was very sore and I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort.

I’ve dealt with back pain and stiffness for several years and have grown accustomed to just dealing with it so I basically went about my normal day trying to get through the day and just icing my back when I could find time.

By the following morning, things had turned drastically worse. I woke up in the early morning hours feeling as if I was fighting for my breath. I felt an enormous amount of pressure on my back as well as my chest and knew immediately something serious could be wrong.

I called my brother who is a cardiologist and he quickly had me in his office to do the necessary tests to make sure I wasn’t experiencing a heart attack or an abnormal heart condition. I felt this was very unlikely due to the fact I am 33 years of age and very active.

I work out 4 to 5 days a week both weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise as well as making a conscious effort to eat healthy but I recognized the symptoms to be those of great concern and I knew the discomfort and shortness of breath was being caused by something unknown.
Fortunately the tests came back normal but I still was battling the shortness of breath and severe muscle spasms and stiffness in my upper back.

My one year old son has even been a patient of Dr. Arthur’s since he was 3 days old. I guess you can see where I’m going with this; clearly I’m the stubborn husband and man who thinks he can handle pain and doesn’t need a doctor to make him feel better and a clear participant in the “Man’s Way of Thinking” that no injury won’t heal itself if given time. Well, I finally had met my match and I knew something had to be done.

I’m proud to say that after just two weeks with Dr. Arthur, my breathing is back to normal, the muscle spasms and pain are gone and I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Arthur quickly diagnosed the problem to be a pinched nerve leading to my lungs due to the fact my spine was so out of alignment that it had shifted pinching the nerve controlling my breathing. I guarantee had I not gone to Dr. Arthur, I would still be on some prescription medication that may have taken some of the swelling and pain away but clearly not changed my breathing nor would it have corrected the problem.

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I thought a chiropractic adjustment could be a solution to a breathing problem, I would have been one of the first to say “no way!” Well I’m here to tell you it CAN happen and I’m an example of it. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms I have described or just suffering from stiffness, aching or discomfort and you are tired of having to deal with it on a daily basis, please give Dr. Arthur or Dr. Rebecca a call.

Dealing with pain and discomfort doesn’t have to be a way of life.

Beth Jordan

"I heard about Pangemanan Chiropractic from a coworker whose headaches and migraines have been resolved after starting care here. 

I came to the office with neck, upper back, lower back pain, and recurrent headaches. I tried a different chiropractor and the results weren't as good as they are now. I noticed improvements right away, feel so much better. I hardly have any headaches anymore. My range of motion is so much better and I can do things without pain. The staff is also great and always greets you with a smile. I also think children should be adjusted."

Greg Mahl

"I heard about Pangemanan Chiropractic from my mother, my sister, and my sister in law. My first impression of the practice was that they were very professional. The staff and the doctors were courteous, helpful, and respond to my needs and concerns in a timely manner. 

Before coming to the office I had pain from back to front on the right side, and a slight limp from right to left. I can notice improvements since starting care, now I walk straighter, and have no pain from back to front. I feel better overall. 

One thing that distinguished Pangemanan Chiropractic from the rest of the healthcare / chiropractic clinics out there is that they work from x-rays and they go right to the problem and fix it. I am very pleased with the results that I am getting and it's even better than my last chiro!" 

W. Brennan

"Most of my life I heard that I should not go to chiropractic. I had shooting pain down my arm and Dr. Pangemanan also found my lower back problem. Within the first week of care the burning and shooting pain from neck to arm went away right away and never came back. Also he adjusted my low back and for the first time in years I could sit up on the bed right upon arising in the morning instead of rolling to my side. 

Prior to coming to this office I have had every kind of treatment from every kind of doctor, from neurologists to pain specialists, physiotherapists; they helped some but never corrected the problem as much as what Dr. Pangemanan did within short period of time. I noticed improvements with my original complaints, which was due to the severe car wreck in 2003. 

I also noticed some other positive changes in my overall health, my sleep is unbelievably better, and not being in constant pain. The doctors and the staff are courteous, professional, caring and helpful, and I would recommend them to everybody. My 6 year old son has also been going to Dr. Pangemanan frequently for regular check-ups and also when he fell from the four-wheelers." 

Charlene Harvey

"My previous health complaints were back pains. I have had these pains for over two years. I took Ibuprofen and Cortisone injections for them, but they only helped temporarily.

This back pain also disturbed my sleep every night since four months ago. Now that I've started going to chiropractic, the first time I started it was sore for a couple of days then it started feeling better.

The doctors and everyone else are nice and able to work with. They are not rude. I would very much recommend others to Pangemanan Chiropractic anytime."

Elizabeth Pomeroy

My toddler loves going here, it's a great atmosphere for kids. Both doctors are so caring and gentle that getting adjusted is a fun experience for her, which is huge for a little girl who used to scream no matter what kind of doctor's office we were in. The adjustments seem to make a big difference in her health also--haven't been to the pediatrician for an ear infection since we started!

Melanie Hanks Johnson

I started taking my baby, Tristan, to Dr. Arthur when he was only four months old. He would not sleep on his back so I thought maybe something was wrong. His back was out of alignment. While he still wouldn't and still doesn't sleep on his back, he was/is much happier over all after getting adjusted. We went twice a week for about a month.

Now, we go monthly for routine adjustments. Since he is always falling, there is something always out of alignment! 

And, when we went in this week, he got on the table and let Dr. Arthur work on him without me having to hold him:-) I would highly recommend anyone with kids to go see Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca so they won't have problems as they get older. The whole staff is great!

Martha Morris
I only go for maintenance now but have had several issues but now hold adjustments better than I ever have in my life. I am now 75 years old & have been to several different Chiropractors in my lifetime! 

Terri Royalty

“I have had pain in my shoulder and numbness in my arms. I woke up almost everyday with a headache, but took something for the pain. After 3 weeks of treatment at Pangemanan Chiropractic, I have no more pain in the areas that were very severe. I don’t have headaches anymore and I sleep better than I have in a year! Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca are very friendly and they genuinely care about their patients. Some people are afraid to go to a chiropractor because they twist or pop your back into place. Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca don’t do that. It’s very relaxing. I like going there.”

Amanda Greer
        I had been having a lot of headaches and migraines over a period of several months. I'd had them for years but it seemed that they were getting progressively worse, occurring nearly every day. I had a continuous pain in my neck and shoulder as well as having suffered lower back pain brought on by an epidural in 2005. For years I lived with the pain until it became a normal part of life, unless I was completely incapacitated. I even had difficulty recognizing that it was painful during my initial exam because I had lived with it for so long.
       After several weeks of regular visits, I realized that I'd not had a headache or a migraine. One weekend night I slept wrong and had the worst "crick" in my neck. Letting that go for a couple days, I got my first headache in weeks. Dr. Rebecca adjusted me that day, and boy did she have to work hard, but it relieved the headache. Dr. Arthur worked on it the next time to try to put my neck back in line. I had no idea that my neck misalignment was triggering my headaches.  After receiving treatment for several weeks and home exercises, I now have little to no pain in my neck, no headaches, and can do normal activities without suffering terrible lower back pain. I can't even remember what it was like not to have that pain.
        The staff are wonderful and the doctors take the time to really work on your problems. I'm so glad that my friend recommended them.

Michelle Womack

      "I heard about Pangemanan Chiropractic from my sister-in-law, Amy. My first impressions were good. I liked that Pangemanan Chiropractic is a family business and that they are friendly and knowledgeable. I was excited to be fixed and at the same time, educated on the process.

      Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic I had lived with severe lower back pain for over 5 years. My movement was limited and everyday I hoped that my pain wouldn’t be too bad. My daily activities were limited depending in how I was feeling. Even picking things up off the floor was challenging.

       Since starting care I have not been limited or inconvenienced by my back. I used to get up some mornings and have to sit back down due to the pressure in my lower back even before I could finish making breakfast. Now, a full day of chores, cooking, shopping, etc. doesn’t bother me. I don’t have to get my husband to do quite as much for me now.

      Pangemanan Chiropractic is great. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They know you when you walk in. Having a doctor that not only knows your name, but your condition and just you in general is great.”

Tylisa Goodman

"At first I was unsure if chiropractic care could help me. I thought it would hurt and I kept putting off coming to get myself fixed. Originally I had left arm pain, back pain in the mornings and a little bit of neck pain when I started coming to the office. I have tried many medications or other treatment approach such as orthopedic doctors and physical therapy before I came here, but they did not help much. After care by Dr. Rebecca Pangemanan, I now feel great and hardly any pain. I also noticed other positive changes in my overall health and function, for instance my foot does not hurt as bad as before. I found the staff to be courteous and helpful as well. I also think children should be adjusted or get chiropractic care." 

Angela Hornbeck

"We began seeing Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca Pangemanan after my 2-year old daughter had fallen and had been limping for almost two weeks. After a few adjustments she was good to go and has been much better ever since. I was impressed with their work so I made me an appointment. I didn't realize how out-of-whack my spine was until I saw the x-ray and I couldn't believe it; no wonder I was in pain and had such bad headaches. It really is amazing how much better I feel after going to see them the last couple weeks. I highly recommend anyone to give them a try and guarantee you will feel much better." 

Jody Roberts

"My name is Jody, I am 54 years old and an avid motorcycle rider. I have been riding off and on road for over 30 years. During this time I have had numerous spills while riding in the dirt and two on road accidents (caused by the actions of another motorist), both involving trips to the hospital. Add to this about a half dozen auto accidents in varying degrees of seriousness. Then, if you consider 34 years in the military (active and reserves), which (among other things) included falling off the back of a 2 and 1/2 ton truck. Finally,a career in corrections, which involved hundreds of cell extractions. Needless to say, my spine was a mess.

What does all this mean? It means it is a miracle that I can even walk. A great percentage of this miracle is owed to good chiropractic care. I am a firm believer that it makes more sense to treat the cause of the pain than simply medicate it. Pain medication is a temporary solution and can have a very adverse effect on the liver (ask your physician).

Since I have been seeing Dr. Arthur, my quality of life has improved tremendously. I feel better, my posture is better, my strength is better, my mobility is better and I could go on and on. Dr. Arthur has helped me to understand that years of spinal misalignment are not going to be corrected quickly. Dr. Arthur has improved my spinal misalignments by 50% in about six months. I just returned from a motorcycle trip to Sturgis South Dakota. It was the best 3500 miles I've spent on the back of a bike in a while, thanks to Dr. Arthur. I retired from my civilian job last year and have been able to do a lot more of what I want to do thanks to Dr. Arthur.

If you are an avid motorcycle rider, if you want to be active in your later years, you owe it to yourself to give chiropractic care a try. My final words to you are, have patience. Remember, years of spinal misalignment cannot be corrected overnight. 

Jerry Cammack

"When I stopped by Pangemanan Chiropractic to check if they could help me, they told me that they would not do anything without first taking x-rays and examination. This told me that they are professionals. I always doubted chiropractic practice before, but after a few treatments, I was convinced. I had no more pain, easier to move around, and we were able to prevent major problems from happening in the future by taking care of them now. 

The staff and the doctors were courteous and helpful, and they respond to my needs and concerns in a timely manner. They are very informative, open for discussions to help meeting my needs, and gave feedbacks.

Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic, I always had neck problems, tiredness, aches and pains, slow movement with pain. I used to take pain pills just to get through the day.I was able to notice improvements since starting care with Dr. Rebecca.  I had less pain, moving without pain, standing straighter, good body functions, etc. 

The things that set Pangemanan Chiropractic apart from other healthcare clinics out there are the facts that they are very open, friendly, open to discussion, listen to problems, easy painless treatments, for larger results"

Kim Darland

"I first started going to Drs. Rebecca & Arthur when I was at a Chamber of Commerce health fair and received a checkup spinal scan from them. Since I had been in several car wrecks earlier in my life, and always had neck or back pain, along with hips,knees, ankles and feet, I thought it was a good idea just to see what it showed. When I was shown my scan and all the areas that were out of line,I made an appt. to go to their office. 

The first time I went I had a complete set of x-rays,since the doctors to not want to adjust something without knowing exactly what needs to be adjusted. I had no clue that my migraine type headaches were coming from slipped discs, compressed discs,and curves in my spine and neck that looked like an "S." I had also been measured and was found to have shrunk at least a half an inch due to poor posture. 

When we set up a plan of action as to how many times I should come to get in better shape, as well as a continuing care plan to maintain what we had accomplished.  They have taught be better posture habits,and also how adjusting can affect so many other areas in your life. For example: bowels,energy,proper blood flow. 

My biggest accomplishment has been that after this year, I mainly go now for wellness care to maintain what we have accomplished together. I have also gained back 1 inch in my height that I thought was lost forever due to normal aging. I do not have to take aspirin for pain anymore. I truly do appreciate what they have taught me,and accomplished with me."

Andi McGaughey

“Once we had noticed Lyndon's "flat spot", it seemed as though everyone else began to notice it too. We had mentioned it to our pediatrician on one of Lyndon's regularly scheduled checkups. The pediatrician explained to us that what Lyndon was experiencing had become really common since the implementation of the "SIDS / back sleeping" campaign, and that this was something that Lyndon would outgrow once he became mobile. It only made sense that once he quit laying on that one particular spot all of the time that his head would regain its normal shape. It seemed as though everyone had began to notice Lyndon's little noggin. It was evident that it was getting worse even though we were really trying to reposition him during his naps and at bedtime. 

His aunt Becky, who is an obstetrics nurse, a long-time Pangemanan client and chiropractic advocate, recommended us to Dr. Arthur. Our initial visit wasn't at all what I expected. I guess I was expecting Dr. Arthur to manipulate or massage his head. Instead after the examination and digital nerve scan, we were told by Dr. Arthur that Little Lyndon's neck had been sprung during the birthing process. But I had a Cesarean delivery!?! Then we reviewed the birthing video. My baby had a condition known as Torticollis. That is a condition that results in the shortening of the sprung muscle of the neck from birthing process. Once Dr. Arthur had made his diagnosis, we came to the realization that Lyndon was only turning his head to the right. The inability to turn his head meant the same spot was always in contact with his mattress. This was the catalyst to the flat spot!  Dr. Arthur went to work on the problem area and after Lyndon's first adjustment there was a major improvement. Not only was he turning his head to both sides but his napping also improved. I felt awful. I hadn't realized that for four months my baby wasn't sleeping good because he couldn't get comfortable! I talked to the pediatrician that had initially dismissed my concern. At this point in time he agreed that it was in fact Torticollis (what a timely diagnosis!)

Lyndon's head is still a work in progress. Although his head shape is significantly better, it had gotten so flat that it caused his ears to become misaligned. Lyndon's neck has made a 100% recovery. He is about to turn seven months old and has gone mobile. Much thanks to Pangemanan Chiropractic!” 

Virginia Jump

"I first met Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca Pangemanan when they moved into their office at Eagle Lake. They are two of the best in chiropractic.

My husband was first to use their services and he was very impressed with the personal care they take with their patients and so am I.  My pain started in my lower back when I bent over to put a mat in a glass case. It didn't take Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Arthur long to get me to start feeling better.

I have more energy and I'm sleeping better now. Chiropractic is not just for back problems. Your nervous system controls your body. These doctors have educated me on things I had never thought about."

Sylvia Ritchey

"I first learned of Pangemanan Chiropractic from my daughter who was also a patient (my husband Curtis, and my daughter-in-law Alice are also patients there).

Prior to receiving treatment, I had a lot of pain in my back and hip. This pain started about three months ago and was gradually getting worse as time progressed. I finally found relief after visiting Dr. Rebecca. I have seen much improvement in how I feel and my activity level. My Pangemanan experience was wonderful!"

Louise M. Andrews

"As a senior citizen with Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, and the usual "old age" aches I'm no stranger to pain! But after a short vacation this summer I returned home with severe, widespread, muscular back pain. No relief could be found. Several friends had told me about the Pangemanan Clinic but I had never been a chiropractic patient on any regular basis.

Desperate for relief, I called that morning and received a thorough examination / evaluation and was also seen for the treatment that evening. There is still no cure for MS or arthritis, but I personally, since then, not only do I have much less pain, but my mobility and endurance level are increasing. Thanks Doctor Arthur and Doctor Rebecca Pangemanan for being a true blessing to me; and you are definitely an asset to our community!" Gratefully, Louise Andrews

Nikki Royalty

"Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic I had never been to a chiropractor. I knew I needed to go to a chiropractor but I didn’t know where to go. My mom and dad both had been seeing Dr. Arthur & Dr. Rebecca.  I didn’t know what to expect when I went in but the staff put me to ease with their knowledge and friendliness.

My x-rays and scan showed me that my lower back and neck were worse than I thought. My problems started years ago but I really hadn’t noticed it until I started working at St. Joseph hospital and began pulling patients up in the bed. I had also been having headaches for years but I was just taking Tylenol Extra Strength to get them to go away. They would go away but eventually would come back.

After just a week of treatments my headaches were completely gone, my back felt a whole lot better, I began sleeping better and even had more energy. As I continue my treatments, I have noticed even better sleep which gives me more energy to do everyday activities. I have even noticed a change in the way I lift my patients at work. I would definitely recommend Pangemanan Chiropractic to my family and friends not only because of the friendliness of the staff but if it could make me feel better, it could make you feel better!"

Julie Banner

"I came to the office to find out if I was going to have the same problems with my back when I got older as my father. I remember him in his middle 70s telling me of the pain he had, of being constantly with him, because his lower vertebrae had fused together. There was nothing he could do. I wanted to see if I was going to have this problem and to see if there was a way of preventing the same fate for myself.

After seeing my x-rays, I knew I had made the right decision. My back was in serious trouble, but with time and a lot of adjustments could be helped. My first adjustment gave me a surprise within 24 hours. Being a chronic sufferer of migraines everyday, they were suddenly gone.

I've had migraines for so long that I can't remember when I didn't have one. Now I can tell you when my migraines stopped and how long they've been gone. I feel the best ever now, thanks to Dr. Arthur & Dr. Rebecca!"

Heather Marchal

Our family doctor, Dr. Chris Signs, suggested we try Pangemanan Chiropractic for Logan’s colic.  At first I was skeptical and I didn’t call for several weeks.  Logan cried all day and all night, every day.  No one in our house was getting sleep.  He was diagnosed with colic.  We tried everything from switching his formula to colic drops to other things we found online.  Nothing worked.  Finally one day I was at my wits end and would give anything a try.  When I called to make an appointment the staff was very friendly and helpful.  On our first visit we didn’t know what to expect bu we had visited the website and read about their office and services.  We had plenty of questions but never had to ask them because Dr. Arthur answered them while talking to us about their services, colicky babies, and more.  We immediately loved that.  

Since seeing Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca, Logan has become a completely different baby.  He is happy and actually sleeps at night and during the day.  We are eternally grateful to Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca.  I have now brought my 8-year old daughter, Haley, to be checked out and adjusted.  Logan was a little over a month old when we started and he is now almost 4 months old and doing great.

We love the fact that everyone knows your name when you come to Pangemanan Chiropractic.  You feel like a person not just a number.  That night after the first treatment, Dr. Arthur called to check on Logan and that sealed the deal for us.  We knew going to Pangemanan Chiropractic was the best choice. 

Pamela Soto
I have had back/neck problems for 3 decades. Have mentioned the same issues to all my doctors, last year I finally got an xray on my shoulder which showed nothing. The full body xray done on me a month ago validated that what I was feeling wasn't just in my head, that my body was "overdue for a tune-up" as Dr. Arthur said. 
I was afraid to go to a chiropractor until a friend told me about the different technique done at this practice. I was desparate to get some relief for a specific back injury and have received that and more. While my back will never be perfect, I am already feeling so much better and will continue with my treatment plan to get as well as I can. 
The atmosphere of the practice is so comfortable and unassuming --- I love it! Thinking about how I might feel a couple months from now gives me hope and makes me very excited --- I wouldn't be sitting here (literally!) feeling good today without the Pangemanan team!!!!

Linda Slone Haddix

I went to Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca for severe neck/shoulder pain with numbness and tingling in my hands/fingers. I have had great relief of all of these problems since their treatment. 

I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They are very professional in their care but they are also very personable and caring to each of their patients. Great people, great care, great office staff.


Thank you SO MUCH for submitting your story / testimonial. You will never know how far reaching and life changing your story will be for others who need that extra encouragement or knowledge that they too, can be helped.

May the blessings be returned to you abundantly,

Dr. Rebecca & Dr. Arthur & team

ps. if you want to share your latest picture, be it family picture, or the baby's / kids picture to be posted along with the testimonial, please attach the picture on an email to Thank you again!
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Myles & Natalie Young

"Meet Bailey. She’s four months old and the absolute light of our lives. From the day we brought her home from the hospital she has always been a great baby. Very laid back and easy going. 

At 10 weeks old she had her first head cold and followed by that was the ever dreadful first ear infection. She was on antibiotics for 7 days when we took her back to the pediatrician to find out that the medicine was not curing the ear infection. They changed the prescription and she was on antibiotics for 10 more days. Two days after finishing the medicine, the cold returned and we were back at square one. 

Seeing her so miserable and having to suck her nose out numerous times a day made me very sad for her. In an attempt to find her some much desired relief, I started asking people I knew with children if they had any advice and was SHOCKED when several people told me to take my FOUR month old to the chiropractor. I had never even been myself and they wanted me to take my most prized possession to be cracked and popped? I didn’t think so. 

But these were people I trusted and I knew they wouldn’t tell me wrong so I decided to stop in Pangemanan Chiropractic just to see what I thought. The staff there was so welcoming and genuinely concerned about Bailey’s health. 

So I set up a consultation to meet with Dr. Arthur the next day. He scanned her back and without knowing anything the pediatrician had told me, he too told me the exact same thing. That her left ear was awful and the right was still infected. She had JUST finished 17 days of antibiotics? But as Dr. Arthur explained and I have quickly come to realize, antibiotics do not cure ear infectionsHe also demonstrated how he would treat Bailey and to my amazement there would be no cracking and no popping. He uses a small tool that gently adjusts the spine back to where it should be. 

So I agreed to let him work with Bailey and after only 3 adjustments she wasn’t restless in her sleep anymore, her ear canals had opened and started healing, and I was no longer sucking her nose out…at all. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe how quickly Bailey started to feel better without any medication and those medications side effects. I will forever be grateful to the folks that told me about Chiropractic care and to Dr. Arthur for helping my little munchkin feel all better." 

Leslie Cole Mitchell

      "Bailey Cole Mitchell is our 6 month old, beautiful baby girl. She has been such a precious blessing to our lives. Being a first time mom, I was very fortunate to have an easy delivery with a happy, healthy baby.

      When I took Bailey for her 4 month check up, her pediatrician asked if I noticed her head tilted to the right. This was something I had never noticed before especially since she wasn't sitting up yet. As soon as I looked, I could plainly see the tilt in her head to the right. The pediatrician explained that this was "torticollis" and referred me to a Physical Therapist for stretches. I was instantly full of guilt because it was something neither me nor anyone in my family had noticed. I was panicked because it was sticking out like a sore thumb!!

     As a previous patient for migraine headaches, I immediately knew that I was going to bring Bailey to see Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca. Several friends and family members have also received treatment at their office and I knew they could help my baby. Dr. Arthur did an excellent job of explaining torticollis to me and my family members. I instantly felt relief to know that she was in good hands and getting treatment to help put the vertebrae back in position instead of just exercises and stretches. After a few treatments, you could see improvement in the way Bailey held her head. She also became more mobile in turning her head from side to side. Bailey is still continuing treatment but the way she holds her head has greatly improved. I am very thankful for Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca and the care they have given Bailey. It it like going to see family instead of a doctor. I recommend that every mom bring their baby in for a scan even if everything seems to be going great. There may be something you can't see."

Clara Tingle

"I got started at Pangemanan Chiropractic by first getting started at Curves. In the summer of 2004 I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Later that year I started at Curves, hoping the workout there would help me improve my movement and be healthier. Some months later, Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Arthur came to Lawrenceburg and Dr. Rebecca held a seminar at Curves. After talking to her I came to the thought that I had nothing to lose and could gain a lot.One of the main reasons I decided to give it a try was the pain I would have in my arms when I would try to sleep.

Many times I had to sleep in a chair to prevent my arms from being painful. I also have carpal tunnel and was having to wear braces to prevent pain in my hands. Dr. Rebecca said I had a pinched nerve and after being adjusted I only problems with my arms or hands occasionally. I have noticed that I do not get headaches as often. The specialist I saw could only give me braces for my carpal tunnel and say if there were no improvements I may need surgery. I find that I enjoy having an alternative treatment that does not include a hospital.

I enjoy my visits to Dr. Rebecca. Everyone is friendly and has a wonderful attitude. Even on cloudy days, you can find some mental sunshine at Pangemanan Chiropractic. I have recommended Pangemanan Chiropractic to people and keep their card on display at work. When someone asks me where I go, I point to the card and say, “You should give them a try.” 

Julie Mefford

"This is Liliana Grace Mefford, our beautiful 6 week old, firstborn, daughter. She is our dream come true, and needless to say, the miracle we have always wished for. When we first brought Liliana home, our life seemed complete. We were so happy that the adrenaline rushes kept us going though those sleepless nights and every three hour feedings. Liliana cried like all babies do, but everything seemed normal. Then when she was 4 weeks old, her cries turned to screams. Us, being first time parents, just thought it was part of parenthood. 

After a few days of our little angel screaming her head off from 4 p.m. to midnight, we began to wonder if we were really cut out to be parents. When I asked my mother if this was normal, and she told me it wasn't, I knew we had to do something. We first took Liliana to her pediatrician, who told us what we were expecting to hear, she was colic. All of our friends and family had warned us that this is probably what was wrong. I had already heard the trials and tribulations of having a colic baby, as I was one for the first year of my life. We had been told that we would just have to try and live through it until it passed. We were told this by all of our friends, except one. A friend that had been through the same situation with her little screaming bundle of joy. She too had been instructed to change bottles, formula, try giving him drops, etc. After a long weekend of endless screaming, I took my friend's advice and called Pangemanan Chiropractic. 

Within three days of our first visit, Liliana actually slept 6 hours straight at night, which was a great improvement. Not only were we pleased with the results, but the facility, and especially the care we received were wonderful. Of course, being a first time mother, I was skeptical and totally terrified for my baby and her health. But Dr. Arthur made me feel totally at ease. After thoroughly explaining everything to me he even demonstrated the procedures (adjustment with Activator instrument on the tip of my finger) on me first. Just learning that what my baby underwent during the birthing process, that I didn't realize, eased my mind that I could possibly and finally, know what was hurting my little one (spinal misalignments and nerve irritation from birthing process). I would recommend all new mothers to visit Pangemanan Chiropractic with their babies." 

Kristie Mahl

      "I have been seeing Dr. Rebecca for about two years when I became pregnant with my second child, in which I continued my chiropractic care. My son, Xander was born in October 2006. When he was two weeks old, I went to see Dr. Rebecca and took a photo of him along. Everyone at the office went on and on about how adorable he was. However, when Dr. Arthur saw the photo he said, “Does he always hold his head to the right like that?” After standing there for a minute, I stammered out, “Uh, no, well, I don’t think so.” 

      In the next week or so Xander started crying 24 hours a day, only stopping when he ate and took ten minute naps. I thought there had to be something wrong, so I took him to the pediatrician.The pediatrician’s diagnosis was colic. I was told Xander’s crying could continue for an hour, a week, or months, and that it would just eventually go away, but nobody could say when.It was horrible!

     How could we do this for months? Xander’s crying continued for another three weeks – 24 hours a day. Something had to be done – we were all going crazy. I searched for answers and found none.

Then I saw an article in the Pangemanan Chiropractic office about colic and how chiropractic treatments alleviated the symptoms. This was the answer – but how could I take my six week old baby to the chiropractor – no matter how much you trust them? After talking it over with my husband we decided to give it a try.

     I called to make an appointment and Dr. Arthur saw Xander that same day.  He did a scan on Xander and found that he had several places in his neck that were rotated causing Xander to hold his head to the right. After the first treatment I really couldn’t see much difference in Xander. But after the second and third treatments Xander was a different baby. He stopped crying except when he was hungry or tired and was sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time! Xander is now 6 ½ months old and sees Dr. Arthur once a month.  Xander is a healthy, happy, interactive child. 

I don’t know where we would be without chiropractic care for him and truly believe it has made him a different (and much better) child.  I highly recommend Pangemanan Chiropractic for babies, children, and adults!"

Dawn Caldwell

“Being able to retire at only 47 years “young” would give me the chance to paint my house, rearrange my furniture, clean out closets…all those things one tries to put off for the “right time.” Little did I realize, I would be utilizing muscles I hadn’t used for a while and twisting my body into odd positions just to get that wall painted perfectly! After about two weeks of this, my body said, “HOLD ON!” I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move well, and was in quite a bit of pain. I had noticed Pangemanan Chiropractic sign while going to my hairdresser. I asked my hairdresser about them and she recommended them highly. I made my appointment the next day! 

After consultation, x-rays and scans, I was able to see with my own eyes just how much damage I had done to my spine over the years. Until a year ago, I was an avid softball player and even played basketball occasionally with my friends and my son. I had done all of these things in middle school and high school so I continued on doing this until a year ago. The chores I was now doing that I had put off for so long, just added to the damage I had done to myself over the years. I began my treatment and improved dramatically!  I could sleep better, move better, felt more energy and thought I could do anything! So I am ashamed to admit that I did not continue with my treatment as I should have done. Yes that’s right, I learned a harsh lesson. 

Just three weeks ago, I was once again cleaning out closets and moving things around. I spent two miserable nights with no sleep due to pain and stiffness in my neck and lower back. I immediately scheduled another appointment with Dr. Arthur. When I went back and received another scan and examination, my neck was more out of alignment than it was when I very first began my treatment! Needless to say, I had taken three steps back! After receiving the chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Arthur, I went home and slept for ten straight hours! I couldn’t wait to tell him. He was elated as I! 

Now, I am continuing my treatment and sleeping better and feel better than I have for a while. I was welcomed back with open arms and understanding. The friendly atmosphere and attitude of both Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca is wonderful. Their staff members are also very congenial and professional. I highly recommend the Pangemanan Chiropractic office and thank all of them from the bottom of my heart for what they have done and are doing to help me feel better. Life is too short and there is too much to do to be in pain!"

Jamie Carter

"I first heard of Pangemanan Chiropractic several years ago from a friend who had a colicky newborn. She had taken him to Dr. Pangemanan and seen great improvement in her child’s colic. At our newborn daughter, A.J.’s first visit, I felt comfortable and encouraged. My first impression of Pangemanan Chiropractic left me feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic, AJ was spending most of her awake time crying and the evenings usually consisted of screaming fits. As I held her, I could hear and feel loud rumblings in her stomach and intestines. We would push her knees against her stomach or rub her belly to help her pass the gas, but those only offered short term relief. We tried two types of gripe water, car rides, nursing her every time she hurt, and laying her on her belly. Nothing eased her pain for more than an hour or so. 

I finally made the call to Pangemanan Chiropractic and got AJ an appointment. After her second chiropractic adjustment we began to notice a significant difference. When she would wake, she didn’t start the immediate pain cries as she had in the past. She started paying attention to us when we spoke to her and she would smile and respond with happy sounds.

I would definitely recommend Pangemanan Chiropractic to all of my friends and family. Going for the adjustments is quick and painless. AJ never reacted to an adjustment as though she was in pain. The staff are friendly and very helpful. Even though they see hundreds of patients, they always remember who you are and are very interested in your progress." 

Ginny Thompson

"Would you believe it? I feel like singing again! That is just one of the many great things that have happened to me since visiting Pangemanan Chiropractic. 

I had heard so many wonderful things about the care you receive there, about how kind and caring the doctors and staff are, and it is all true! I was evaluated and asked to decide if I was ready to take care of myself, not just to get rid of pain, but learn how to be the best caretaker of my body.

I have sinus/allergy problems, high blood pressure, am overweight and have digestion issues. I was told that most of those problems could improve with treatment and they have! I made the commitment to do what was asked of me when reviewing my evaluation, come regularly to appointments and do my homework (which included applying cold packs to my back and neck to decrease swelling and use the equipment correctly).

Since I have been visiting there, both Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Arthur have advised me about my health and I have attended a weight loss workshop. I have used the advice given and it always helped me to feel better. My second scan (part of the evaluation) showed that my spine was improving; I already knew that it had from the way I feel.

The most important thing that I am learning is that wellness is a lifelong journey, I want to improve my quality of life and my time spent at Pangemanan Chiropractic is getting me there. I had visited a different chiropractor years ago, and was afraid to go back. My experiences are much different now, please take my advice and visit there, learn how to take better care of yourself, you are worth it."

Ava Crow

"I began seeing Dr. Rebecca Pangemanan in May 2006, after herniating discs in my lower back about 1 ½ years earlier. As a result of my injury, I had suffered numb and tingling feet for about 15 months. (This is in addition to the low back pain I have suffered for more than 20 years.) The numbness and tingling were a great improvement over the excruciating pain that had radiated down my leg for about three months immediately after the injury, so I tried to minimize my complaining. However, the injury changed my life.

At the acute stage, my general practitioner had contributed her advice, a referral to a physical therapist and a neurosurgeon, and a prescription for pain medicine and anti-inflammatories. The neurosurgeon, after telling me I was not a surgical candidate, added additional advice about modifying and limiting my activities and told me that it would take “a long time” for the tingling and numbness in my feet to disappear. An excellent physical therapist helped me deal with the pain during the acute stages, provided instruction and guidance for exercises and stretches to strengthen my back and core muscles to minimize the likelihood of re-injury, and encouraged me to remain as active as possible.

I have always been very active. I love working around my home—everything from cutting and clearing huge bushes and small trees on the 10 acres where I live to cleaning gutters, power-washing the siding and deck, and stripping wallpaper and painting rooms in the old house where I live. I have jogged for about 25 years, and I hike, cross-country and downhill ski, play very bad tennis, ride a bike, and canoe a bit.

For the 15 months before I saw Dr. Rebecca, I substantially limited these activities, and often was in a foul mood about it. We began hiring a nephew to do much of the yard work that I loved. He, and not I, helped clear bushes, make a wall for the flower garden, and shovel topsoil. Last fall, he climbed the ladder to power wash the siding on the second story of the house. He carried ladders and moved furniture. I did almost none of this. Additionally, I almost never carried groceries into the house or carried my own suitcase or laptop when I traveled. I quit running, canoeing and downhill skiing, and reduced the level of intensity of my other sports.

After 15 months of this life, not only had my bad mood and the tingling and numbness in my feet continued, but I also started having severe foot pain. This added complication finally pushed me to seek additional treatment. While I was trying to figure out who to see and where to go, I talked with my new general practitioner about my symptoms and my concern about permanent nerve damage. He changed my anti-inflammatory medication but was not able to offer much other help. During this same time, I encountered Dr. Rebecca at a health fair. We discussed my symptoms and concerns, and she suggested I come in for diagnostic tests and a consultation. Since then, she has changed my life again, and this time for the better.

Within three weeks of starting treatment with Dr. Rebecca, my foot pain was virtually gone. Although the pain occasionally comes back, the intensity is dramatically reduced and it is of short duration. The low back pain I have lived with for most of my life has decreased each month, and is usually nonexistent. While I still have some tingling and numbness in my feet, the intensity is substantially reduced and I often can make it disappear by simply changing my position. 

This fall, after four months of treatment with Dr. Rebecca, I have cleared brush, moved furniture, lugged a vacuum cleaner around the house, and climbed on a ladder to power wash siding and paint walls and a ceiling. I often carry my own suitcase and computer now when traveling, and I always unload groceries. I rode in an 18-mile bike race this summer, have played some tennis and have hiked several miles on multiple occasions. Dr. Rebecca gets the credit for all of this. My symptoms are substantially improved while, at the same time, my level of activity has increased fairly dramatically. I am regaining my life—Dr. Rebecca has helped me recover functional skills that are important to me. As I continue my chiropractic care with her, I am optimistic that my symptoms will continue to improve and I am confident that she can help me stay active and functional for the future.

Visits to Dr. Rebecca are quick and low stress. Usually my wait is less than 2 minutes, and I almost never wait more than 4-5 minutes. I am almost always in and out of the office in 15 minutes or less.

Several months ago, I referred a friend who had been advised by her medical doctor that surgery was the next step for her carpal tunnel pain. She has been seeing Dr. Rebecca since June and recently told me that she now has only occasional numbness in her hands, but it is infrequent and dramatically reduced in intensity. I referred a second friend who had relatively minor symptoms and is now receiving curative and preventative care from Dr. Arthur. I am a converted skeptic and am most appreciative for the care I am receiving."

Kristin Donovan

"I have been living on Ibuprofen and Tylenol everyday for two years because of low back pain that started after a long car ride (a few days trip). I met Dr. Rebecca while working as a server in a local restaurant, and she explained to me how chiropractic care can help my problem. 

We started the care immediately and within a few weeks of treatment, I completely stopped taking painkillers because the pain has totally disappeared. I continued care for a few more weeks to maintain the alignment and strengthen the low back muscles and ligaments by following specific exercises she prescribed. I am now in much better shape and no longer taking drugs. I highly recommend Dr. Rebecca to anyone." 

Kayla Jones

I took my 6-year old here for chronic headaches /migraines. He had his first adjustment today and they are all very nice and informative. 

I love the environment and you do not have a long wait. The office is very kid friendly, clean, and unique.  

They are very good to my son and we are hopeful that they can help his headaches. I give them 5 stars. We have no complaints.  

We received a follow up call later in the evening after his first adjustment, seeing how he was doing and such. It's nice to know that they truly care about your child, enough to call you after working hours to see how your child is doing. 

I would give more than 5 stars if I could! I really feel they have my son's best interest at heart, and as a mom that means a lot and says even more about a place! I am so glad we were referred here! I feel he is in great hands, literally! :)

Brandon Durr
If you have been "dealing with" your back or neck pain for so long isn't it time to do something about it? These guys will take extreme care of you and your back. Just an incredible experience every time I visit the office. Thanks for giving me back my sleep and my life.
Donna Taylor
I have been going to Dr. Arthur & Dr. Rebecca for about 3 years now. They have helped me tremendously with issues with my neck, back and hip. They have also helped my husband and son with issues they have had. When in doubt, be sure and give them a shout!!

Miles Terry

I had severe lower back pain 2 years ago. I asked around for a recommendation and all I head was Pangemanan is the place to go. I was skeptical, so I didn't listen and went the medication route. That failed me fairly quickly and by the time I couldn't walk, sleep, sit, or stand I finally went in. 

They were honest with me, telling me that this wasn't going to be a one visit fix but that I could get better. I literally couldn't walk or drive without pain but within 2 weeks of many visits and me whining, I felt so much better. I was put on a regiment of stretches, ice, visits, and that glorious biofreeze. After 3 months I was all but pain free. 

I'm not sure how severe my case was, bur I highly recommend seeing these doctors if you have pain. They helped me in the worse time of my life, and were friendly, professional, and put up with my jokes and whiny behavior way more than I expected them to! THANKS!!!

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