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Insight Subluxation sEMG Station

Using segmental thermal scanner, surface electromyograph static and dynamic, this Space Foundation certified technology allows us to quantify patients' signs and symptoms, analyze patients' condition more accurately, and over time, review progress or lack of progress the patients have made.  This noninvasive tool is especially useful for babies, children, pregnant moms, where x-rays are not indicated.

On Site Synergy Rehab System

As you heal and progress from passive rehab to active rehab, having a complete on site rehab system like Synergy makes it convenient and helps people get better faster, stronger, and less likely to relapse.

Our doctors and staff will train, supervise, and coach you as you do these strengthening and stabilizing adjunctive therapies.

People who keep their appointments, do their in-office adjunctive therapies, do their homeworks (exercises, ice), and watch their postures during work or any activities, are the ONLY ones who get better faster, which means less time, less cost, better results.

Athletes Care

Shoulder issues are very common among kids involved in softball or baseball.  Neck pain and headaches are very common among cheerleaders, gymnasts, and gamers.  Low back and hip issues are very common among golfers, track student athletes, football players, etc.

Remember, just because the pain goes away after a few minutes, hours, or days, it doesn't mean the problem is fixed.  You can have kidney stones or breast cancer for years before pain surfaces.  Agree?  

So, waiting until your kids actually complain of pain to bring them in, is a bad idea.  Thankfully, in many cases, we were able to find and correct cases of hidden scoliosis, forward head posture, or other spinal problems in kids when their parents brought them in.

Pregnancy Care

Studies showed pregnant moms who received chiropractic care have much less labor pain, faster and easier delivery, and are able to enjoy their pregnancy.  

With post-graduate chiropractic training in maternity and pediatric care, as well as being certified in Webster technique, our office enjoys taking care of hundreds of pregnant moms over the years.  We have a special cushioned pillow with openings for chest and belly, allowing expecting moms to lay down prone (on their belly) comfortably during their adjustments.  In fact, it's SO comfortable, many moms have fallen asleep on it and some wanted to take it home with them.

We don't do any twisting, popping or "cracking" in our adjustments, only using gentle spring-loaded instruments that are effective and safe even for babies.

Full Spine + Skeletal Care

We see the body and work on people's structures from a holistic point of view.  

For example:  Some hips or low back pain were often caused by having a flat foot (or feet) which dropped the medial arch, which then twists the knee (tibia) internally over time, which then dropped the hip on the same side, twisting the low back at the same time.  It's a chain reaction.

Instead of using manual method of joint manipulation, we use spring-loaded gentle instruments to realign spine or joints or restore joint movements, alignment, and stability.  Occasionally we will also utilize Thompson table drops.

Using the same instruments, we can adjust the tension to accomodate newborns, kids, pregnant moms, active adults and even those with osteoporosis.

Aside from the spine (neck, back), we also helped many cases of wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, knee pain, heel or ankle pain, foot pain, etc.

On-Site X-ray Unit

Your specific condition may require us to take x-rays to either rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. 

Having an x-ray unit on site makes it convenient, allowing us to do our job with certainty, instead of a guesswork. 

Newborn + Kids Checkup

Most babies were damaged at birth.  Look at the picture above.  Especially if they were delivered with suction cup/vacuum, c-section, or forceps.  Even vaginal birth can cause strained spinal cord and neck subluxations if the doctor tug or yank the neck or head.  

Click here to read the rest on why KIDS NEED CHIROPRACTIC CARE too.

Our gentle chiropractic technique that does not pop, twist, or "crack" allow babies and kids to enjoy their adjustments and grow up with optimal spinal, structural, and functional health.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

Should we wait until your kids grow up to be damaged adults like you or many others, or should we start them on regular checkups / tune-ups today?

Nutritional Supplements

Any engine will not work right with the wrong fuel.  Your body will not heal or function properly if you continue eating food that are deficient, lacking in minerals, vitamins, and important natural enzymes.  

We offer nutritional products by Standard Process and NOW.  Standard Process is the only whole food supplement company in recent history, to receive the 2011 Organic Excellence award.   In 2011, more than 6.5 million pounds of vegetables were grown on the company's 420 acres of certified organic farmland.  As for NOW, in 2012 for the fifth straight year NOW has received the Natural Choice Award for Best Full Line of Supplements by the Whole Foods Magazine.

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